Events 2023

Dienstag,14. Februar 


Annual Meeting

  • For members only

Tuesday, 21th. of March        18:00hr

Saacke GmbH Bremen

  • Steam boiler fired with methanol

                                                           Speaker: Mr. C.Brandt

Tuesday, 11th. of April       18:00hr

Karberg & Schmitz GmbH / Alfa Laval

  • Conversion of excess heat from main- / auxiliary engines into electric energy by the Organic Rankie Cycle ( ORC) process.

                                                            Speaker: Mr. Sascha Jacob

Tuesday, 09th. of May      18:00hr

Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH

  • LEVANTE, the ECO-Solution for next generation of ECO-Ships

                                                            Speaker: Mrs. Mareike Wibel

Tuesday, 06th. of June     18:00hr

MFT Marine Fluid Technology AS

  • Blending of cylinder lubricants on board with 2-stroke Diesel engines.

                                                             Speaker: Mr. Jacob Fahlstadius

Tuesday, 04th. of July        18:00hr

Piening Propeller

  • Controlable Pitch Propeller (CPP) with Water Hydraulics - 1st. experience
  • Presentation: ECO-Ship 60 ( ZIM Project)

                                                               Speaker: Mr. Pein & Mr. Marx


Tuesday, 05th. of Sept. 18:00hr

Reintjes - Powertrain Solutions

  • New electronically controlled coupling /hybrid etc.

                                                               Speaker: Mr. Frank Neitzel

Thursday, 05th.October    18:00hr

Wärtsilä Hamburg

  • Wartsila Methanol Fuel Platform

                                                               Speaker: Mr. Lucca Ratz

Tuesday, 07th. November  18:00hr

Vulkan Deutschland  

  • functional principle of flexible couplings and bearings
    - detailed explained and shown on models

                                    Speaker: Mr. Tobias Jedrysiak und Mr. Bernd Zimmer

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